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SkyEx wishes all Indians a very happy 73rd Republic Day.

by Maryam Ahmed

Posted on January 26, 2022

SkyEx wishes all Indians a very happy 73rd Republic Day.

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Today marks the Republic day of India. On this day, India’s Constitution came into effect. The day is also remembered as the anniversary of the declaration of Purna Swaraj (complete freedom) by the Indian National Congress in 1929.

Considered to be the norm, Republic Day is celebrated over a three-day period with cultural events that honour the resilience, history, and diverse social fabric of the world’s most populous democracy.

In Dubai, the consul general of India to Dubai, Dr Aman Puri, hoisted the Indian tri-colour at 7.30 am, which was followed up by reading out President Ram Nath Kovind’s message to the nation.This was followed by a rendition by Dubai’s nightingale Sucheta Satish.

“Democracy, justice, liberty, equality and fraternity form the bedrock on which our Republic stands. These are the values that form our collective inheritance. These values have been accorded primacy in our Constitution in the form of fundamental rights and fundamental duties of the citizens,” the consul-general read from the President’s speech.

The Consul general of India Dr Puri said, “On the occasion of the Republic day of India, I extend greetings to all Indians, and friends of India in the UAE. This is a special moment for both India and the UAE as we mark 75 years of Independence and UAE celebrates the Fiftieth National Day.

Dr. Puri acknowledged that “Under the visionary leadership of the UAE, we have witnessed the exceptional growth of the UAE to emerge as a global powerhouse today, with a distinctive edge in driving forward futuristic innovations.”

On the occasion of India’s 73rd Republic Day, Google India’s homepage highlighted different elements of parade animals; a saxophone as part of the iconic camel-mounted band; doves; and the tricolours of the national flag.

While celebrations at the Indian Consulate for Republic Day are low-key this year, festivities with a power-packed patriotic fervour are planned at the Indian pavilion and the Dubai Millennium Amphitheater, Expo 2020. A second flag hoisting ceremony will be held at the India Pavilion at 11 am.

Skyex appreciates the strong close bilateral ties between the UAE and India , founded on mutual respect and understanding.

We, at SkyEx, are honoured to be a part of the growing trade between the two countries. As a courier and logistics company, SkyEx acknowledges the impact of movement of goods and commodities to and from countries and across continents, in initiating, maintaining and expanding trade and commerce.

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